I work on the contemporary western male identity.
Today, it is a blurry and moving area. 
The reason mainly results from the current changes in terms of relationships between men and women, and the raise of the genders questions.
Thus, its artistic representation is in need for being explored.
It is about examining how it stays in line with the models of the past while escaping them. Evaluating its historical part of violence and its new fragile one, which both stir and transform it.
To this end, I often recycle manhood archetypes (Soldiers, Fighters, Heroes... ) and put them in resonance with the emotions spread by today's medias, adverts and online social networks.
Regarding my style and techniques, they reflect many of my life's cultural backgrounds*.
My western culture, through its history, led me first to the human body figuration. Then my judaism has shown up in my work through the recurring integration of assembled ripped fabric pieces. Last, I think my mediterranean origins helped me with the evocation of sensuality. 
To conclude, I am increasingly interested in meditation and environmental questions, which also lead me to include symbols and nature patterns.

*I was born in France in a Judeo-oriental family. I was raised there, as well as I have been living in Italy, in Israel and in the USA. 


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