Fight, theater, judaism, and my sexual fantasies were the key points of this body of work. It was also about my doubts and wonders due to time elapsing. As Alexis Lekat, I was surrounded by characters who fascinate me, or by friends, in particular those who have helped in working to the previous immersion dedicated to Albert Camus, or who were hanging around during that period.
"Farcematique" was an invitation to a party where my thoughts cross my immagination, where my daydream meets my creation, where my own person has a rendez-vous with you.

It happened in "Le Tango - La boîte à Frissons" in Paris, France, March 11, 2015. 

Travaux artistiques | Artworks: Alexis Lekat
Immersion produite et réalisée | Immersion produced and created by: Alexis Lekat.
Performers et modèles | Performers and models: Guy Juchowski, Manu Macau, François Schuler, Vanessa Sola.
Accrochage | Installation: Vincent Zanello, Vanessa Sola, Emmanuel Le Bihan.
Eclairage | Lightings: Vincent Zanello.
Monsieur Loyal: Tom de Montmatre.
Merci à | Thanks to: Véronique Hanoh, Christophe Jeannot, Sophie Mestiri et à l'équipe du Tango - la Boite à Frissons (Hervé, Youssef, Gilles).


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